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Art Battles: Battle of the Buildings

The magic of murals that give life to the streets. Too often we walk by without noticing the world around us, lost in our thoughts or simply unaware. Then there are murals that open our worlds up again and transport us to someplace new. Murals that feed us for a moment with creative energy and pure inspiration, that shine a message and give hope for a beautiful world. Catch these precious gifts of art while you can, for they are a true reflection of life. Beautiful, magical, inspirational, temporary. 


Art Battles began 15 years ago by Sean Bono, an artist himself.  The organization was inspired by the bottle neck struggle of artists from the streets, schools, and elswhere trying to get into Deitch Gallery where he worked at the time. Bono came up with an entertaining way to support the artistic community by organizing painting compititions to democratically elect artists for projects. Battle of the buildings is between finalists Cern from Queens, NY, and Sex, El Nino de las Pinturas from Grenada, Spain. Watching them paint brought excitment and joy to the community on the Lower East Side of NYC and a moment of wonder to the bustling Canal Street as they painted and transformed these masive bare buildings into magnificent and epic works of art. 

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